Unicorn. It’s all about a unicorn

There are so many beautiful creative projects I would like to start and begin with and there are soo few hours left coming home from work.
My latest crochet work is this sweet & big & beautiful unicorn. Who doesn´t want to have a unicorn bed (or floor) pillow like this…


Well….. she is spoken for.
I told the unicorn to go out on a journey and go find the house of my little niece who will become a big sister in just a few more days.
And so the unicorn did. As we speak she is waiting for her traveling papers to be approved and then she will start living her days in the Netherlands.


I´m not sure where I found the pattern but when I saw it I knew I had to find my hook and some really colourful and bright yarn.
The pattern is designed by Melanie Grobler and although I am a fan of using the original yarn used in the description it was not possible for me to buy it in Norway. But then there is Scheepjes Stone Washed XL my “when-nothing-else-goes-go-to-yarn”. I already made so many projects with this yarn and it never disappoints me.



So I startet and after 20 rounds I noticed the body was not turning out the way I imagined.
When crocheting in a tube my work has the tendency to whirl and end up in a spiral form. I am sure you now what I mean. On a certain point I just had to let it go and kept on working on it and wait for the result. When the body was done I washed it and pinned it down to some foam plates trying to block it. And the blocking…..did wonders!


In the original pattern Melanie has a link to an alphabet you can use to crochet the name of the new unicorn owner.
This also was an issue for me since I am a leftie…..
This means I always will crochet the other way from what is mentioned in the pattern. Usually this is not a problem but it turned out very wrong in my attempt to crochet the letter R. It became a mirrored edition 😂. I was thinking about asking my D-I-L to make the letters for me but found out that tiny little heart shapes in unicorn colours might do the job as well. And yes, they did.


And last but not least….. it would not be an unicorn if it had not a beautiful rosett on his front head. Right? So here it is.

It was SO fun to make this and I can´t wait to hear my nieces reaction.
If you by any chance like this project as much as I do I tell you this:
It is not a difficult project since it mostly exists of single crochet (sc) and as long as you keep counting your stitches and keep counting them throughout the project.
Find your stitch markers, you will need them.
Melanie comes with some real nice tips & hints in the description and they also will help you a lot. So….are you and your hooks looking for a new project? This is it!

Thank you ❤️ again for your visit!

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