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The cat is out of the bag!

Or in this case the rabbit.
Never ever thought it would get this far but it did. Finally my secret project can be revealed. This version of the Tale of Peter Rabbit is something I´ve been working on since late April this year. It was finished (framed and ready to deliver) on November 24th.
This means I have been working on it mostly e v e r y day in approximately 190 days.

Not always easy on midsummer days when temperatures are inviting to do everything else but cross stitching….

Some days only an hour other days (mostly Sundays) the whole day.
I don´t know how many crosses I made or how many colors are used but the result to me is beautiful!

My tea box is storage box for my DMC yarn. Works perfect!

Curious now?
Long time ago I came over a little book with cross stitch patterns of Peter Rabbit, a sweet little rabbit born by the fantasy of Beatrice Potter and always ready for new adventures.
At that time I thought it could be fun to cross stitch 1 or 2 items with an image of Peter Rabbit.
This never happened…
But then, out of the blue came this opportunty to take a closer look at the leaflet and I
dusted off my embroidering skills and needles and disappeared in the colorful world of DMC mouliné yarn and start on a project I myself did not know what the results would be.

I was thinking…. if I am going to sew something why not think BIG? Why not come with the whole Peter Rabbit story in stead of only som teasing images…..
So the idea of making my own Tale of Peter Rabbit sampler was born.

Bought the a looong time ago…..

Only a few things left…. figuring out what images to use, where to put them on the linnen, find an alphabet that is suitable and childish enough to tell the story and last (but certainly not least) what language should I use? My own language Dutch? English? Or Norwegian since we have been living in Norway for the last 34 years?
Hmmmmm……what to do….
Well, it was simple.

Start cross stitching and ideas will come to you!
Approaching the project like this made me end up with a sampler that is beautiful the way it is. Imaging there is not a similar sampler or wall story like this as far as I know makes me feel a little proud.
(Scroll down to see the whole piece)

Fig. 2: A lot of blues.
A lot.
Fig. 4 Under the fence.
Fig. 3 Off to the bakery
Fig. 5 All those vegetables.
Fig. 7 Jumping away and on the run for McGregor.

Fig.8 All alone and afraid. How to get out of here?
I had a hard time to decide what language to use to tell the story. Since the person this piece is ment for will be living in Norway I decided Norwegian would be the best alternative.
My cross stitching is done. Before delivering it for framing I have to wash and iron it.
Always an exiting moment….
Peter came home after 10 days away to get framed. Framed in a beautiful oak frame with glass that will protect him from fading for decades. Artifix Oslo did a great job! After framing the story measures approximately 60×60 cm.