May I introduce…..Mr. Eddy

My new aquintance, Mr. Eddy the donkey.
How cute can you get???


Mr. Eddy is crocheted this summer. Pattern is bought from a very nice Dutch internet store called Stip en Haak. They have the most adorable crocheting patterns. If you want to take a look at their patterns you might
find this link useful. Mr. Eddy is my second purchase (do you remember Shawn the Swan?) and he will most certainly not be my last.
As a matter of fact, I already startet on the next project.

The animals are fun and very appealing to both children and adults. They are not that complicated to make and let me assure you, you will totally fall in love!
The yarn I used is from Rauma. A cotton yarn named Petunia and perfect on a crook 3 / 3,5 but you can use any yarn you like. In that way these are great projects to get ridd off all your yarn left overs.


By the way…did you notice the very cute tag he is wearing on picture nr 1?
They are handmade by a very sweet girl and given to me as a Christmas present!


I hope I was able to inspire you to get creative. No matter what you wish to do but taking some time for yourself now & then is the best you can do!