A new member in the production line. Again an amazing pattern from Stip & Haak.
This is Anouk, she is an adorable alpaca and since she is from Machu Picchu she still is wearing here colourful hat with braids.
Isn´t she the cutest?

Anouk is crocheted with cotton yarn from Drops and hook 3.25 which is a perfect combination.
Drops Loves you nr7 comes in a lot of crispy colours so you can choose your favourite combination.

As a little fun fact she has this little piercing in her left ear which gives her a tiny little attitude.

And then her eyes!!!!!!!
Aren´t they amazing. I bought these safety eyes some years ago when I still frequently visited the Netherlands. I can´t quite remember the name of the manifacturer……
Her nose is formed with 3 straight stitches and yes….she even has a little tale but unfortunately the camera did not catch that.
And as a fun fact nr. 2 she has a little bell inside her tummy that gives her some noise when played with.

So this was about my latest project.
The secret project is still going on so stay tuned!

❤️Thank you so much for dropping by ❤️

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