Kiss the Fish

It really is a loooong summer without any vacation in a period where “everybody” has at least a three week leave but I suppose I only have myself to thank for it. I choose to have my vacation in September.
Don´t ask me what I was thinking of when vacation periods were up for discussion at work…..
Found some time to make a card though. When not at the hospital pharmacy working, I spent most of my time on my secret project.
I will update you on that when time comes.
One positive thing this week: I bought myself a Reebok step case and startet following dance step aerobic classes online on my kitchen floor. Love it.
Back to the card:
The image is from Mo Manning and, if you ask me, quite adorable.
The girl is so without any troubles that colouring the image itself was totally zen.
It is a real easy peasy project, perfect for a hot summer evening.




Unfortunately I did not keep a record of the Copics I used on this one but obviously there was a lot of blues.

❤️Thank you for dropping by, it is much apriciated❤️

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