Cardmaking maraton

It has been too long!
A lot has happened. There is Covid, a new job and some other projects I have been working on. No excuse though.
My new employer let us organise a Christmas marked where we can try selling things we make through the year. Wether that´s knitted socks, painting or handmade cards, it doesn´t matter.
So. I found out I would like to try to see if there is any enthusiasm for my handmade cards. But….i order to be able to sell them I first have to make them. And what kind of cards would people go for. Christmas cards? Birthday cards? So I started to make different kind of cards. Some Christmas cards, some childrens cards.
Then I have to find out what people are willing to pay for handmade cards. To colouring can be quite a time consuming activity…..
Anyway, my goal is 75 nok a card (appr $8). People pay this amount directly to the Oslo department of Clinic Clowns http://www.sykehusklovnene.no so nothing of it will come my way and with such a good cause I think my fellow workers will be paying gladly. Right?

Here a sneak peak of what is coming…..

I put two digital stamps together. One by the hand of Rachelle Ann Miller, the other by Mo Manning.
Card 2: I only used stamps by Mo Manning on this card.

And a closer look at that beautiful wreath ❤️

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